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A little about me – Dawn Clancy. Like so many others, I grew up in a family where many memories revolve around time spent in the kitchen. My mother was a wonderful cook and baker, and always encouraged us kids to get involved. She seldom had to ask me twice – I loved it from the get-go!

Over the years my family made many moves, changing neighborhoods and schools, but a couple of things never changed – the cookie jar was always full and meal time was family time. I’ve always enjoyed baking for my own extended family, but in 1997 my interest became a commitment. It was then that my niece Katy was diagnosed with celiac disease. Unlike today, there was scarce information about this condition, and less in the way of food options, especially outside the home. Katy, her mother (my sister, Blair, RN), and I poured over medical texts, cookbooks, and health food store shelves, and little by little, we achieved a comfort level in this new world of gluten free.

I graduated with honors from Cambridge School of Culinary Arts Professional Chef Program in 2001 where I gained a better understanding of the science of baking. That brings us to today and Curtis Street Bakers. I’m working in a kitchen dedicated to gluten free baking. My hope is to provide delicious treats to those who are eating a gluten free diet – a tasty muffin with that cup of coffee, a cookie or raspberry bar on the way home from school. I take my baking seriously, but seriously, it’s what I love to do!


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Curtis Street Bakers
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Tel: 617.304.3203

Seriously divine gluten free pumpkin muffin! I look forward to eating more of their awesome gluten free creations!

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